My Life Gets Harder Day By Day

     College is hard enough the first year. But mine was much harder. My uncle died in February. Both grandfathers and another uncle died in May right around finals time. In October my godmother dies. I end up being diagnosed with severe depression and social anxiety. I also start to cut myself and basically stop eating completely. As a result I get admitted to the psyc. ward twice sophomore here. Not fun. I wouldn't suggest it. That summer I was in an intensive outpatient the entire summer before my Junior year. That year was difficult for me as well. The school screwed up my entire schedule my first semester. My anxiety only increased from the amount of work and the difficulty of the classes I was taking. At this point I'm still cutting myself off and on. The summer of Senior year was actually pretty good. I met this aw some kick *** psychologist.  Senior year was hard for me though because I had to take classes at a slower rate then my friends since I can only handle a certain amount of them at a time. Also the day before I start my second semester that year my grandmother dies.  What a great way to start my semesters of senior year. The work became too stressful to handle so I took a medical leave. Currently I'm still on medical leave but can't work from trying to figure out my correct medication regime. I'm under the care of the same excellent psychologist but I may have to change him in September ,but I really DO  NOT want to. On top of that my dad has stage two prostate cancer and I haven't seen my psychologist in like three weeks so,two of which were the two worst in my entire life or close to it. I'm also watching a 10 and 12 year old boy. There mother suffers from alcoholism and can't be alone with them when her husband is away on business. My parents are a whole other story to be told at another time...---...
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22-25, F
Jul 14, 2007