I Have to Die

Because I am the most ugliest most abhorrent piece of crap in the universe.  I cannot stand the horror in this world and I cannot stand the horror that is me.  Death is my only way out.  But contrary to popular belief it is not an easy way out.  There are too many others to consider.  And I am just too damn considerate.  And so I pray for disease or an accident to take me away. 

And so I sit here waiting.

ronnie70 ronnie70
36-40, F
3 Responses Aug 16, 2007

yea soooooooo many choices, wanted to hang but i would not decide on a comfortable rope, the one that felt good looked ugly, dying is hard work!

its not easy,ask me for i have tried ask others that have tried<br />
hope u dont feel the same way now that its been over 2 years since u posted

There is another way.