To Die Or Not 2 Die

I know this bothers people that love me, but I hate life. I hate the constant struggle to maintain or be better and I feel like i fail at it miserable. I have changed so much and there's no going back. Sometimes I wish someone would kill me that way I don't have the suicidal thoughts and that way the death would be tolerated more I think. I have tried so much to to change and become the person i use to be, but I can't. You reach that point where you know what life is about and you know how it all plays out and you don't want to go through the whole mess of things. I do hope for death. I hope for it soon.

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4 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Well I was going to respond to you message, but even though you sent it to me, the way you have your profile set up does not allow anyone to message you unless they are in your circle. I'm not going to respond publicly, but just wanted you to know I did get your message and that I appreciate it. I hope things work out for you.

I agree with you!! Life doesn't seem to matter anymore. It's everything.... The church is all screwed up, and so forget about praying and talking to GOD!!! I just wish it would end very quick. I can only hope it does. Sooner than later would be nice :-)<br />
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I've tried to jump in front of moving cars, but I can imagine what the driver would be like if a body gets thrown at them. I don't want to cause harm to anyone, but only me... Does anyone know some who'll kill for FREE!!!!

don't make me come down there and take you bird watching with me and tickle a smile out of you... :P

Yeah... I feel the same way. It'd be great to just be killed without seeing it coming, or getting some terminal illness so there would still be time to attempt to enjoy life without all the pressures the future has to offer. Sorry to hear you're feeling so bad but if you'd like to talk about it I'd be more than happy to, so please don't hesitate if you consider it. Take care.