The thoughts are back so the pain there's no point me living it so much more peaceful death then life nothing to worry about or over it's all gone no more just pure nothing is all I crave I'm already full of emptiness
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You really sling those words "full of emptiness". I mean I'm not depressed or anything but I like the
Word choice.

you can be free from what ever thoughts are trying to destroy, God has given us his son Jesus, he came toset captives free, that is his purpose in your life. Call and ask him to set you free, then you change what you listen to, the words of songs, etc, listen to jesus voice, it brings life to us.

Glad I'm not alone on this

You can message me if you want. I feel this way rather a lot. Empty. Hopeless. Ugly. Fat. I have anorexia nervousa. Depression. Self harm. So. You can talk to me anytime if you want.

I want to die to

I feel that way a lot