Invisible Scars

I may smile and look happy most of the time but no one knows that when depression hits you everything falls down on you. no one sees these invisible scars, no one can feel your pain all you can do is just hide it and bring pain to cover the pain... doesn't make sense right?
it's a relief it feels good it makes ME feel good.
once you start, there is no going back its like your own drug, you're addicted to your own drug.
no escape no wait out. no one can help you but yourself.
LonelyStar101 LonelyStar101
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

It could be seasonal. I have episodes of feeling this way and I've had to lie to others about the scars that comes with it. Try getting out more surround yourself with those you consider your closest friends. Maybe your'll feel better maybe you'll find love. It helps having some one to talk to is also a good way to really let out the frustrations of day to day life. Right now I'm going through a depression of the relationship kind and I'm just trying to find some one to talk to. Find that one friend that you can tell anything and let it all out. It may not help right away but keep at it and it should start to make you feel better.