I Want To Disappear

i thought it would all be gravy after graduating college. life sucks.  God takes care of me. I'm spoiked in the grand sceme of things. yet and still i have bills more importantly student loans that make me feel broken and frozen in time.  if I just had 60k I could wipe out the debt. my income doesn't allow for life AND loan payments. something's got to give.  At home w/parents cuz I can't afford my own place -and it sucks.  I'm so disppointed with myself. everyone puts me on this pedastle that I don't belong.  and slowly they see the REAL me, and that's even worse.  Its worse even when every DAY you like yourself less and less.  And people seem to need you MORE and MORE.  I need a vacation.  I need to dsappear, where I'm not needed, I'm not a disappointment to myself, and where I don't disappoint others.  I need a clean slate and  a fresh start.  but I'm just stuck...

Affinity4scifi Affinity4scifi
3 Responses Aug 2, 2010

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Bible thumping dosen't work for every one Keyonce. Most people I know who really have the belive are poor and don't have a lot but thier God. Then thier are the Rich who you think are Godly but turns out thier the worst people on the planet. Hitler was one of them. I'm not trying to put your religion down but your advise was a slap in the face. Look Affinity4scifi you have a disagree hello it's not every thing just get a job and work hard! Running away because you get in debit isn't the way. You will march out of debit soon enuff and all will be alright.

Give all to God nd ask hm to give hs wisdom on hw to get out trust in hm nd pay ur tenth coz if u do he wil take care of u