Argh! My Head Hurts!

Just when I think that things has finally gotten better for me, things has once again turned ugly. My ex is slowly getting better and are now able to accept our break up even though we are still not talking to each other. But, now I'm really confused because my best friend just told me that he loved me and kissed me today. I really care about him and I need him. But, I don't have any special feelings for him. Well, at least I think so. But, no matter what I can't lose him. He is my best friend after all. 

Oh, and what really makes me confuse is that one of my girl friends which is pretty close to me as well was very angry when she found out that he has a special feelings for me. She said that if I date him she'll get hurt. And she'll be even more sad if I kiss him. I don't understand why she said that. Is she in love with him? But, how can that be? She already has a boyfriend which she claimed to be her love of her life. So then,why is she angry? She even said that I can never be truly in love with someone which is actually true( I feel this way). She even called him crazy. Okay... Weird... 

I just... want to disappear right now. I'm really confused. I don't know how to face him tomorrow. I don't know how to react. Oh man...  
amethyst91 amethyst91
18-21, F
Oct 14, 2010