Not only would I love to disappear, but I don't have anyone Ii know who would be tremendously bothered for long if I did.
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4 Responses May 24, 2012

I think I know how you feel. Some people are always more loving & caring than others.<br />
Sometimes it is just not knowing how to show love & it is not necessary not being loved.<br />
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May I suggest that you turn to yourself for happiness, read books that you like, try some new sport or activity, listen to your favorite music,watch the films you love, teach yourself something: drawing,crafts,kite flying,dancing, yoga,...etc... whatever comes to your mind. Make your life busy & full with events & excitement. I promise, you will feel better.<br />
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Other people are often too busy with their own problems & can't read our minds, so learn not to depend on them for your own happiness & that will serve you well into the future.<br />
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I wish your happier thoughts.

I have the opposite problem as well, but there is someone very close to be who has the same issue you do. (or she thinks she does anyway)<br />
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Stay strong, you are not alone. I would love to listen if you'd like to talk. :)

I kinda have the opposite problem. I've come through a tough time to realise that what I'm doing isn't what I want to do, but as much as I want to go off and start a fresh life somewhere I find that the expectations I perceive other people to have of me keeps me on the path I'm on. At least for now anyway.

I actually agree. I feel the same way you do.