I feel tired, I feel weak, I feel like I want to scream and also I feel hopeless
In my mind I feel I want to disappear even I know that someone will miss me.
It’s hard when I feel like this again…
I’ll cries at night almost everyday because I always think about that I was hopeless to speak myself or crazy negatives thoughts.
I can’t talk to my parent and my sisters about my problems, but I did told one of my sister about it and I don’t know why I’ll stop.
Only few people know…
Anyway, today I feel everything fall apart and in my mind, I really want to disappear from everything and I know that running away not good to fix everything.
Life is just tough…

P.S - First time writing a short experiences... I don’t know how to write about my experiences life or I’m just shy talking my experiences…

Thanks you, for taking your time to read it.
LadyVivi LadyVivi
26-30, F
2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

stay strong, it is so ******* hard, but someday, it will get better.
Fight with all your sadness! xx

Hi Lady Viva, I think u write very well, & i hope u try to keep your chin up hun, cuz your new friend cares €:-}