I Want to Ride Off Into the Sunset!

I want to ride of into the sunset and leave all of my worries and trials of this earth behind. Right now!
Candita Candita
22-25, F
6 Responses May 21, 2007

That would be a dream come true. Wish this was really possible.

how are you now? hope better since your last message....

that sounds nice to me

ah, it sounds like you need what i need right now- a nice long vacation, somewhere tropical perhaps? with beautiful beaches that you can wiggle your toes into the sand. nice yummy drinks with exotic fruit exploding out the rim of the glass. deliciously attractive men to rub suntan lotion on us, and two lounge chairs to pass the afternoon in while listening to the splash of the ocean as it breaks upon the shoreline. any of this soundin good to you? i mean, obviously it would only be a break, but what a nice one at that? i could hang out there for a few months :)

We all feel that way from time to time.

Hang in there...