..."DAILY" when it comes to Member Ghallenges

Please tell me ~ 

      i have been thinking and i guess the clue is in the description...

~ do i have to mark it off every day???  Or, in other words, daily???

...i have completed the member challenge i made-up myself (which i now wish was worded differently) and which i have stamped the date to mark the beginning of each seven-day period ~~ but "computer says 'NO'..." [quote from some comedy program: sorry, forget which] "...incomplete!"

now, computer does not know everything and neither do i but in this case, i must beg to differ with computer

i have completed the member task i set myself:   i decided to make trivial family disagreements less upsetting by ignoring them:  i have had resounding success:  only the others have fallen out and less than they would have, i like to think ~~which has happened ever since i started the "be ignorant! ignore them!" challenge

i have discovered that no-one has taken my non-involvement in stupid squabbles as 'ignorant' or 'rude' and it has made me actually be more compassionate and patient in my attitude towards others;  not only that but also towards myself: result!!!

                             ...but unrecorded result      

~~so: having read the member challenge page again, i suspect the word "daily" has a large part to play in all this

                  ...no, i have not    

...i have not marked off my progress on the flippin' calender every single day    

 ...i am sorry cos it means i have kinda let EP down...  i will make another challenge and stick to it...


   ....i suspect i have just created a trivial, trivial goal         


gwyrddair gwyrddair
41-45, F
Feb 17, 2009