A Baby's Cry

so i actually just heard for the first time last week that if a woman is exposed to a babys cry for a period of time, her breasts will grow. so i went and investigated this, and what i found was quite intriguing. some doctor in japan made a ringtone that had something to do with a baby crying that apparently made your breasts grow. this of course got alot of skepticism because it seemed way too easy. but the doctor was partially correct. unfortunately it really only works for women who are already lactating, and it doesnt make your breasts grow, but it triggers milk let down. so during the past week, if i was ever around a crying baby, i would see if i could feel my milk let down. and to my surprise about 80% of the time, i would actually start to feel it! there was one point when i was out at the mall with some friends and we stopped at the food court to eat. the family sitting behind us just happened to have a baby with them, and of course this baby didnt want to stop crying. after about 10 minutes, i felt my milk let down and apparently i made a confused face that caught my friends' attention. they asked what was wrong and i told them that my milk was coming in. one of them made a comment that it was probably cause of the crying baby that triggered it. i knew they were joking, but they were shocked when i told them that it was true. i think its amazing that because of nature, my breasts will begin to produce milk at the sound of a babys cry even when it isnt my child.
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Wow! That is really interesting... I would love to take you to a day care with tons of crying babies and just sit back and watch! It's for science, darnit!!

I think you are absolutely right! My GF and I are two weeks intio inducing using the on-line protocols which call for taking the Yas bc pill and 80mg of Motillium each day for at least a couple of months which helps "jump start" the breasts. We are now almost 2 weeks in and , just like they said.... we have seen a DEFINITE and pronounced diference in her breast size. She has gone from a 34, small B to a 34 full C, and she has about outgrown all her bras! But that's a happy problem right!?) :-) We are both delighted with the results so far. Since we are working on breast devemopment, we are not suckling/ pumping yet, but I can't help myself and play with them sometimes! But here is the point... She works in a pre-school. She told she heard a baby cry the other day and her nipples suddenly started getting hard and her breasts began to tingle deep inside. I was SOO excited! "It's working Kitten! You're on our way!"

This story makes me so happy, it brings tears to my own eyes...! ;)

that is crazy...just crazy...it just happens at a child's cry....wow

I found that out too! I had already been lactating too, and I work with babies at my local hospital now, so I definitely discovered this particular phenomenon first-hand ^-^

im sure in a hospital with babies, ur boobs went crazy lol

Hahaha, sort of, yeah XD

I could only imagine ihave. and liyah dont you work with kids that might cry? There you are teaching a class, some kid starts crying then boom goes the milk in the middle of your lesson plan and your not prepared for it.

I find that beautiful and wonderful.:-)

wonderful how nature can be ;)

Wow that's amazing! Our bodies are incredible ...

im crying now, lol, so i need your breasts badly now....

I will cry you a river - and the suckle your warm milk - that would be amazing - xo

Yes, I've heard of this experience from several women.

That makes sense that a baby's cry would cause your milk to drop. Back in the hunter-gatherer days, when humans lived in small hunting bands, women would share nursing duties, so any baby's cry would be a signal to start the milk flowing. I love that your body is so abundant and overflowing with nutritious milk to share. You are like an ancient fertility goddess. :)

Sounds very Pavlovian but anything that triggers strong maternal instincts like that (whether it's visual, heard or in some cases sensed or felt) can potentially cause breast growth and/or lactation. And no it doesn't have to be in currently lactating mothers or even mothers at all, many reports across the African, Asian and European continents state many females had/have this issue from the onset of puberty. In the fun cases, women experience growth and let-down in relation and proportion to the amount of stimuli they receive... those are the very rare cases but very interesting to find in research. The brain is an amazing tool and organ...especially in the female of the human species.

LOL WOW thats nice nature is so wonderful,glad you experienced that moment !!!

Wow, how cool is nature! Well, it makes sense. And I guess that is why your breasts are so very large, and I know that it the reason why I love really large breasts, I think lactation is super sexy. Do you ever have fantasies of being milked, of having your milk supply massively increased and feel your boobs grow from it? Or imagined what would happen, how your bossom would react if you were hooked up to a real cow milking pump, how that would drive your milk supply?

i would have loved to have been there to see your milk come out

The good LORD sure had a complete plan, Huh?

After looking at your Udders i'd be crying too for milk!

It really is amazing. Ever since I was pregnant with my first over 4 years ago it does the same. Even. Though I haven't breastfed in a lil over 2 years I still feel it and I'm pregnant and lactating and every squeal or cry or high pitch coo I can feel it. I actually love the feeling, its so natural.