I Am So Depressed,and I Feel Lonely And Left Out Of Decisions For My Step Children And Wife.

I am feeling so depressed and I am starting to feel like giving up on life.I feel like I am ignored by my wife and my step kids and that I am no good to them and that I dont belong in there lives.I want to remodel our home I dont know how and we have to live under bad conditions.I feel if I kill myself someone else would step in and take better care of them then I can.I feel stupid and feel like I can do nothing ,no matter how much I try.I love them very much and yes I would give up my life just so someone else can step into there lives that can get them better things and a better life.Please I have no one I can confide in to talk to .I am scared that I will get to depressed.
wesjokerg wesjokerg
41-45, M
Jul 26, 2010