My Ode To Tim Yeo Mp Against Fracking

Greetings Tim how do you do
Just had to write a poem to you
to report that you have no clue
some of the things that you say and do

You talk about the safety of fracking
of earth energy: Aggressive hacking
of the ground some serious whacking
for some shale gas that we are not needing

you make the decision without
all of the information: You tout
the safety of something you spout
when to mother earth your not devout

you overlook some crucial stuff
and of this fracking, we are out of luck
your ignorance, we have had enough
good job our mother earth is tough

really don't just believe me
loads of references to this certainly
perpetual motion been round for centurys
so of fracking we need to be free

which means fracking is a waste of time
as are all overhead power lines
covered up and no doubt designed
to bill us throughout our lives

If your worth your salt as an mp
you should champion free energy

Don't worry most MP's the same
all programmed by whips to be lame
which is the definition of blame
some would say i am insane

but einstein said you can't solve problems
with any thinking that caused em
you and all by Big Ben
not fond of using original thinking

age of aquarius coming soon
which will prove i'm certainly not a loon
and free energy will be a boon
Fracking is rubbish, put it in the bin
and adopt original thinking
you will know YOU'V BEEN HAD real soon
and compliments of the season to you

peace x
41-45, M
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Do you know the meaning of the word hipocrite? The reason I ask is , well I haven't seen your name in the paper, and this is embarrassing to even utter, if you know what needs to be done & I see their still fracking, this could only mean,( this is the part that gets embarrassing) somebody was following you, every time you put a coil up they tore it down. I hope you don't think I have anything to do with those people just because I owe my life to fossil fuel. Have you helped make hydrogen fuel cells easily available, or demonstrated yours to show them how to cut their fuel bill by a 3rd plus increase power, and reduce their carbon hoof print? So tell us tea man, other than *****, just what have you accomplished in your quest to save the plannut earth? Don't be modest, tell us where your work has made a ******* bit of difference! Here's something for you to think about & in so doing you may save the world. Why are they really trying to take our guns? Why would a government risk civil war? Can you see what gun control has accomplished? All the poor ******* are still getting their medication, you know that **** that supposed to balance you brain by keeping you on track with thoughts like ,oh, I don't know, um, hmmm. Suicide, or mass murder. Now these poor ***** don't want to deal with the bs. of buying guns & killing a dozen or even 2 dozen ,their making bombs. Nobody can make these guys revister their bombs. As the popularity of this **** grows so will the access to information . That gun control **** isn't about public safety. How the **** can we trust a government that keeps so many secrets, & hides so much from the lazy ***** that asume washington would never do anything to hurt them, like , oh I don't know , umm , oh for example put heavy metals in the vaccines they force on us. While your out saving the world did it ever occur to you that the world just don't ******* matter! What good is the world if you can't save man? Do you think the insects will memorialize you for saving the no. American stinkweed?
By the way, if this is your recruiting strategy, you suck.