God And The Bank Robber

God is Holy. Holiness demands justice. Sin must be judged. These are absolutes, though man chooses to debate over this, God has already deemed it so. God, as Creator makes the laws and enforces them.

Let's look. The laws (Ten Commandments) were given to show us God's holy standards for living. Knowing we couldn't keep them, He knew it was hopeless for us to ever pay the fine which sin carries- eternal death in the next life.

So despite satan insisting that you and I were not worth His time or trouble, God settled the fine at the cross, yet knowing that we were still sinners and going be sinners until we died. That is mercy.

Th long and short of it is that there will be a Judgement date set for everyone. At this appointment will be God the Father as Judge, Satan as the prosecuting attorney, Jesus as the defense attorney, and you being tried. Whether or not you are covered by the saving blood of Jesus Christ will determine if Satan's charges stand up against you. If you are covered by the sacrificial blood of Christ then His righteousness is transferred to your account and the case against you will be dismissed. If you chose not to get this blood coverage and sought your own way, you will be guilty and condemned by the law and sentenced to death.

Unfair? No, because God is the Creator. There are no other ways around the system. And after leaving this life there are only two places to go. God wants you to be with Him which is why in the face of satan's accusations against you, His love still abounded greater than your sin.

For the party who chooses to disregard the law, let's look at the bank robber.

A bank robber knows, or atleast has been told it is wrong to rob a bank. But he chooses to do it anyways. There are careless bank robbers who don't even try and conceal their crime. But the best of the best bank robbers will always plot and organize an impeccable heist and retreat.

The success of the heist and retreat will give place to the haughtiness of feeling they got away with something. And perhaps they did- for now. But one day the law promises to catch up with them. maybe it happens 23 years later on a beach in Mexico, but it does most times.

But there is an eternal law written in which no one will escape his or her day of judgement. The Bible says that is appointed once for man to die, then Judgement. We can not hope to outrun the law and judgement of God. He will be there in the end with the gavel, no matter where we die.

Disregarding these laws and the judge is not going to make them go away. Pretending they are not real is not going to make them any less irrelevant.

The bank robber can run straight out onto the highway yelling at the top of his lungs,"I don't believe in traffic," but it isn't going to stop him from getting run down by the 18 wheeler he just stepped in front of.

People, our God is not one who wishes to crush you. He is not the bad guy waiting to zap you everytime you sin. He is concerned however with you calling on Him for protection from the wrath to come. He is giving each and every person a free gift of salvation irregardless of the fact that none of us deserves it as Satan keeps reminding Him.

He longs to look satan the accuser right in the face at your trial and say, "debt payed, case dismissed." He loves you more than He is angry with you. Don't let your personal pride and intellect stop you from calling on Christ for salvation. Don't let your love for living ungodly stop you from repenting and living godly. Today's sin, joyful and pleasureable as it may be is tomorrows death sentence. The law will catch up. The bank robber loved the pleasure the money brought him until he got caught, lost it all, and still had to pay the penalty. 

If you were that bank robber and faced 20 years in prison at your trial and someone walked in and offered to pay your fine for you, you know you would be so grateful- for a simple 20 years!! What about eternity? Jesus already payed your fine. Are you going to refuse the offer and instead choose to serve a penalty you can't escape with good behavior. there is no parole. No leniency. It's life, eternal life.

What could possibly stop you from dismissing God's love for you? He is holding the door open right now for you. Mercy people. Yes, it's incomprehensible to us. But it's the long arm of God's love and patience with everyone to come to Him in repentance.


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2 Responses Dec 15, 2009

Do you believe we are in the midst of a 'test'?

My response - <br />
<br />
Your words: "G od is Holy. Holiness demands justice. Sin must be judged. These are absolutes" You also say Jesus paid for the sins - <br />
You also say "if you seek your own way and not be covered by the blood. You know, I seek not MY way, but the way that Jesus showed - the way to his God as he put it. I mean no disrespect, but just as you have stated your position, may I get to state mine in response?<br />
<br />
My questions: if you believe Jesus is God, then who died at the cross - Jesus or God (since God can neither be born nor die) and who was born (since according to Matthew any man born of a woman is a sinner). Did God then DIE? Or, if he is god, why did Jesus say "why have YOU deserted Me?" hmmm...<br />
<br />
My faith: "In his Sovereignty, God judges man as HE sees fit, not as we predetermine. We cannot claim to know the absolute truth when we consider a text with 28000 variations- we cannot claim to know better than anyone else who God is or what HE will do. Surely if he is Sovereign, then that's what HE is? And in Sovereign, that includes law - speaking of which when you "do what Jesus did" I wonder.. does that include fasting as he did, praying to "the father" as he did (or do you pray to him?) <br />
Just wondering.<br />
<br />
<br />
My angle- Monotheistic. There is only One God. Absolute, Supreme. Sovereign. <br />
<br />
My religion - Islam. And yes, I understand the Christian faith, I was brought up in it and was "on fire" and "pentecostal" and just as excited as you are.<br />
<br />
My lesson - To you be your way, to me be mine. I wish you peace, and I wish you luck covered by the blood.. I prefer to rely on the sovereign mercy and guidance of the One Jesus spoke of when asked how to pray - he refered to the one who sent him, the "Father" so to speak..<br />
<br />
I respect you entirely, admire your courage to speak your mind, and value your sharing. I've read your book - will you read mine, and then we can compare notes? Or perhaps that might lead you into "condemnation"? Just wondering..<br />
<br />