Spoiler Alert: Django Unchained

I saw this movie yesterday. It was a good movie.

I have just been thinking about the moral of the story or whatever. Django is the "1 in 10,000" slaves who supposedly has what it takes to rise up against white people.

Now, we all know that the idea that black people are genetically submissive (or inferior, or less than human) was a belief that was used by white people to justify their behavior towards them. And we all know it is b.s. today.

We all know that there was nothing inherently submissive about black people and that had the roles been reversed and white people been slaves, we would have been just as "submissive" to those in control. It is not coded into our biology, it is how our brains work. When in such a position of complete helplessness and degradation, you aren't usually thinking about how to organize your fellow slaves in order to revolt and you certainly aren't thinking about breaking the ranks and risking MORE harm to yourself.

And yet, in the movie, Django, the hero...did what could not be done. He broke the system. He risked it all and gained it all. He broke rank, he strategized, he completely dominated and was successful in his endeavor. 

It is hard to wrap my brain around. It seems like today we are all slaves to something. We must conform to society's rules. We must not break rank. We must stay submissive to the systems of control which run our lives. We must choose between things we don't want, and we don't even consider it an option to demand anything different, because we are helpless and degraded. Because we don't want to risk what little we do have. Because the fear of harm is greater than the desire for freedom.

We need a Django. It's not that we are not capable of such greatness ourselves. We are all capable of it. Django wasn't really 1 in 10,000 in any way other than the fact that he is the one who actually lived up to that capacity. Any slave, if he or she so desired, could have done what Django did. But because they did not see themselves as different, because they believed that the status quo was the only way it could be, because they felt that the best they could do would be to run away and by some odd chance save only their own self, they never did even entertain the possibility of ending the thing they so hated, the thing which destroyed their lives. This is how they were controlled. This is why they were "submissive". Biology had nothing to do with it. Human nature, logic, and emotions had everything to do with it.

What circumstances make a Django? I think it was his passion that was the number one factor which made him reach that human potential to dismantle that system of control and change the status quo, overcome evil, and be that 1 in 10,000 that actually lives up to and reaches his full human potential, a potential that he proved did indeed exist inside of him, a black man. 

Of course, for him it was proven to exist. The beliefs and stereotypes and inequality, however, does not change in a day. He pushed the envelope a little farther, he proved what was thought impossible to be possible, he became an exception to the rule. But he was one man, one exceptional man...but he didn't change all of the South.

Only when the exceptions to the rule challenge the authority of the rule itself does the rule change. The status quo is the rule.
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Jan 8, 2013