Bdsm - Myth And Fact

Myth: Once you start playing BDSM games you will want more and more and engage in increasingly risky and dangerous play
Fact: It is true that newcomers are often like kids in candy shops. After all, they are discovering new things and the feelings associated with them. But most people find who they are in the scene, and enjoy staying there. They might experiment and even find out new things about themselves, but stay centered.

Myth: Everybody plays heavy, there's no room for people who consider a feather heavy.
Fact: There is room for everyone. One persons heavy is another persons light and vice-versa. In fact, being in the "scene" doesn't have to involve BDSM at all. If you encounter the people who keep "score", find other people...

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2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

sign me up... i want to be yours always

All I can say is try it and you will see for yourself that this is so true. I started this by accident and we are now living the lifestyle. The crazy thing is I enjoy it so much I cannot going back to our old lifestyle