My Parents Are Like My Kids

It all started when I was eight years old my mother was addicted to pills and my father was addicted to internet **** and having a open affair the only time I got attention was when I bugged my dad which usually ended in me getting the **** beaten out of me he started getting creative after awhile and started cutting me. At thirteen I got a boyfriend who was seventeen at the same time my dad left us new cut off contact comleatly my mom had a new guy move in the next week and she let him beat me. When I finally said me or him she chose him and kicked me out so I moved in with my bf seven months later at fourteen I got pregnant. when I was eight months my mom said shed call me in as a runaway and get my boyfriend thrown in jail if I didn't move back in so we both did when my baby was three days old my moms bf blew ciggerate smoke in her face child protective services took me in custody I lived in childrens homes for the next two years without a single call from my mother when I got out my mother had a new bf and I wasn't allowed at hr house I got pregnant again as sixteen I got in a fight with my bf my mom finally let me stay but for a price I have to pay her $500 a month and on top of that she smokes crack around my daughter and steals our food so much that we are losing weight I say **** them both I get my apartment tomorrow once I move in I'm never talking to either parents again I want better for my children
Leighmercedes Leighmercedes
18-21, F
Jan 24, 2013