One of Those Moments

This is definitely one of those days when I just want to disappear into the mist and be lost to human existence for a few hours. Some days are like that for me. I generally like human companionship. But some days I find other people to be so annoying I just wish to vanish and leave them to their annoying habits. Today its kids. I love my own kids don't get me wrong. I have 3. But today is one of those days when they are running all over and making a nuisance of themselves so much that I wish I were somewhere quiet and peaceful that I could actually hear myself think. Besides my own kids today two others are at my house with them enjoying their time of nuisance making. Lol I like them as well, but will be eternally grateful when they return to their own homes and leave me my sanity. On other days there are others who make this feeling appear. Strangers, relatives, etc... and some days its just because I crave solitude and would rather be my cranky self away from others or I want to just be lazy for a little while and dream in peace. Whatever the case may be and whatever the cause. There are and will always be those moments when I just want to disappear.

Skyelillie Skyelillie
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 22, 2008

yeah, I do know how you feel. My youngest is 4 and I've pretty much been a house wife since my middle, who's 5, was born. It can get hairpulling frustrating being stuck at home all the time.