1, 2,3, 4, I Can't Count It Any More!

How many ways is my husband emotionally abusive?

Here is a little descriptive prose, in light of the situation:

1,2,3,4, I don't wanna count more...

Soon I'm walking out the door.

5,6,7,8, who'd a though I coulda hate?

When did I think he was really great?

1,2,3,4, What's his emotional credit score?

When it comes to this he's really poor!

5,6,7,8, sorry sucker, it's too late...

moving on, I'll clean your plate.

(If, I honestly had to count the ways he's emotionally abusive, I know I couldn't count that high, and I'm an educated person, LOL)

Anyhoo, all kidding aside, yes, I'm planning to leave. I have been held emotionally hostage long enough. I've been hurt emotionally, spiritually, financially and occasionally "accidently" physically in your fits of rage. I'm done.

Each day the family lives in fear of his next verbal assault, which we all know is coming.

He's passive- agressive, a master manipulator and, although he usually covers it fairly well in public, he has even downgraded me in front of big groups of people, as if it's a joke, well, HAHA... jokes on you sucker, cuz' I am planning my escape.

This time I will not be verbally bullied into coming back. I know you're a liar now and that it will ALWAYS happen again. You've reeled it in a bit before, so I'd stay, but you aren't interested in help. You see nothing wrong with your behavior, after all, you constantly remind us it is our fault. You are an abuser and it will not change.

This party is over and we have more than tired of your behavior.

I can smell sweet freedom on the horizon.

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8 Responses Jun 25, 2009

Good for you! <br />
I just did the same and it is wonderful to be rid of the emotional abuse. <br />
Good luck.

You go girl...have you heard of "no contact"...it is recommended (as much as possible)...he will try to suck you back in...I have been there and still fighting the emptiness that he left in my heart...one more victory for the sane people in this world!

My husband had called the police early evening today. He was trying to convince them that I'm bullying him. This has gone on for over 17 years, with his passive, maniuplating behavior. Living with bipolar sucks! That's what I deal with, in our early years, I thought it was me, but what he calls bullying, I call me having a spine. The police listened to his jibber/jabber, threw their hands up in the air and left.

goodluck..please start over...life is precious...every moment of it is to be lived..no one deserves abuse,,we have to learn to move on..you have decided to move on..i wish you well..take good care of yourself

It is so great that you are leaving! Of only I knew where to get the strength to leave my abusive husband. Every time I have gotten just one foot out the door it's like something evil reigns me back in. I am proud of your accomishment and wish you te best in your future life!

Every time I think enough is enough my husband starts being Mr. Nice Guy and I begin to think it's all in my head. I don't even recognize who I am anymore. I have the support to leave. I will leave with nothing and it will surely cause him to have to file for bankruptcy. Do I really want to do that to the father of my child? I know the animosity that will continue between us will affect my daughter. So I applaud you for making the decision b/c I am still struggling terribly!

I understand this situation all too well.

It's a nice feeling, isn't it? Plan carefully...it sounds like your situation is volatile. Good luck.