I Did Just That, A Dream Come True.

These where taken about 3 weeks ago.
I took the plunge and did it.
I walked in to the photo shop that is in a big mall as a male and I walked out as a woman, why waste the makeup?
This is the result of years in the making, years of preparation, but most importantly, years of dreaming.
The dreaming is over, its became fact.
I WAS a model for the day, Not only that, I am a model for life, its how we present ourselves to the world.
Its been 11 short months since I presented myself to the world as Robyn when I took my very first scared high heeled steps into the outside world and did real things, no more hiding behind closed doors.

What an adventure, What a journey, Just WOW.
Dreams do come true.
And the journey continues..........

RobynTheBeautiful RobynTheBeautiful
7 Responses Sep 3, 2012

It's been great watching you achieve your dream. When I recall where you started from I feel a bit awed. And you're still achieving!

Wonderful Robyn!! Great photos. A dream come true. You are a beautiful girl for sure. Congrats to you. Isn't it fun being a girl!

Its lots of fun.
Almost 2 years since Robyn was born in the outside world. Last night I was dressed in the white lace dress you see above for a white theme party at a nightclub. Not often I wear this dress. its a very special dress.

More beautiful than ever.....Go girl, Go!!

That I did on the day I picked up the prints, girl, did I go, I walked into the mall dressed in a short skirt and knee high high heel boots where that studio is like I owned the place and went to visit a friend to show her and we went to another mall for coffee and shopping for cosmetics and perfume all the time walking tall and proud, Yes, I go girl go with style. what a day that was.

Most impressive ... looking to do the same someday soon.

Fantastic, you definitely are living up to your name.

Thank you. In fact it was an ep friend who suggested my name. I was known as RobynHasSexyLegs but that is what I thought is a long name so I came up with RobynSexyLegs or what I have now (which is a long name) and I asked that ep friend which one is better and he said RTB as that is me on the inside as well.

My oh my, lookin' good, Robyn!

Wow Robyn you look wondrful, i wish i had the nerve to do that. Love the white lace dress btw x<br />
<br />
Manda x

There is just a bit of nerve to do this, mostly its confidence in yourself.
I walked into the shopping mall to pick up the photos as a woman, walked out as a woman and went to a friends place to show her the pictures as a women. Went to another mall and had coffee and a bit to eat and did some shopping for makeup and perfume as a woman.
I just enjoyed my day as a woman. as me.
it get better with time, Confidence with a dash of nerve. the same as with women.