Exotic Dancing Dream Life

I'm not sure what "Experience" to put this under so I may put it in a few that I feel apply.

I have a dream that repeats over and over that I am an Exotic Dancer/********.  The clubs and fellow strippers are always different, and the dream story varies but the constant is that I am one of the strippers.

In these dreams I am always happier than in my waking hours, and more content.  I also feel a sense of belonging and being beautiful.

In my dreams I've danced in places as far North as the Yukon, and in places like Vancouver, B.C., Michigan(?) not sure that was the vibe I got, and in an old Burlesque Theatre.

I can do pole tricks in my dreams that are impossible in my waking hours, and in one dream I was in a contest with many poles and dancers spinning and tricking on all of them...almost like in the Oriental circuses where they are spinning plates on many sticks.  I managed to qualify for one of the final rounds although not sure if I made it to the Finals.

I feel like I am one of the dancers, not just in shimmy and shake but like I belong there.

I know I prefer going to ***** clubs vs regular bars since I feel safer there and I can be a side show and not the "main event".  The bouncers in ***** clubs also tend to watch out for the female patrons as much as the dancers, so if any unwanted attention arises, a bouncer is quick to intervene.

I also have a tremendous amount of respect for the dancers, as not all patrons are gentlemen, and some of the behavior can be lewd n crude, and insulting to the dancers.

The dancers are both in a position of power and vulnerablity when they take the stage or do lap dances.  They receive jeers and cheers.

Like anyone who posts here in EP we open ourselves to not only our supporters but our critics as well, similar to the dancers.

I don't have many dreams that repeat but this theme has been repeated more times than I can say. 

Seanachai Seanachai
36-40, F
Feb 9, 2009