Long To Find Someone Serious About An Anr

48 years old white female looking for someone that would enjoy ANR long term if not forever. A special bonding experience.
mizzmarie mizzmarie
46-50, F
14 Responses Dec 15, 2012

I would love to help you I'm a college grad at UNC 828 676 9188 text me

I am interested. I am in Raleigh, are you near by?

I'm in Raleigh...., and interested. Did you find someone or are you still looking?

Hi! 27 & 26 year old couple looking for a serious ANR. We reside in sanford nc and have been looking for sometime. Please let me know if your interested.

Have you had any luck? I am looking for an ANR, and would like to chat.
I am in Raeford

It would be hard to have an ANR unless live close enough to see each other at least every other day if not 2-3 times a day. Thanks for the responses, however I am looking for long term and close connection.

mizzmarie I am in charlotte contact me please dear

I live in the charlotte area. I have a GF who is not interested in ANR, but I'd like to talk.

I am in Raleigh and interested if still looking.

Let me know how to join a ANR.

i am in nc too,, and looking for a woman that is into anr,, i travel so meeting isnt a problem

still looking i live in the charlotte area and serious

we are In the same boat im in Raleigh trying to re start lacation needing some help let me know what you are looking for at least we can share experiences or more I am will to help you if you are looking to start lacation .

Love to talk to you,please add me and message me.

hey are you still looking? I am from Charlotte and interested.

Yes. You are about an hour away. How are you doing? I am 48 yrs old. How old are you?

Hey It's nice to hear from you. I am 28. But I am highly interested in ANR. I have prior experience.

Oh, I love ANR and ABR, adult breastfeeding relationships. I have been lucky to have four. Whether natural after childbirth (for years) or induced lactation, getting to lovingly suckle a woman is a wonderful way to spend a happy hour or stolen minute at almost anywhere one has a trace of privacy. I once emptied my lover's breast on an elevator ride. I love getting a make my day text or phone calls wanting me home because the pressure is so great and she is so heavy. The practice does take commitment at four to six sessions a day for good production, oral or pumped. I wish you all the best in finding a perfect partner, but I am too far away to be an applicant. Happy Holidays, and hugs! B.

Thanks. I appreciate your insight. Merry Christmas!

I live in the Piedmont Area
You can email at yahoo under mizzmarie336 if you want to talk..