Years ago my wife and her girlfriends had organized a batchelorette party for another friend who was getting married. They hired a male ******** for entertainment. The party was held in one woman's house. The party started at 5pm and about 8:30 the phone rang. It was my wife and she was upset. The ******** was a no show and there were 15 women who were very disappointed.They were frantically looking for a fill in. I asked my wife why she called me and she said she wanted me to come over and be the entertainment. I said you gotta be kidding! She said you know how to dance and you are always talking about being naked in a crowd,'s your chance! I said I wasn't sure I could do it. She said "I just called your bluff, so get over here or I"ll bring the girls there!

A few minutes later, I arrived at the party where 15 half drunk women started chanting "TAKE IT OFF TAKE IT OFF WE WANT SKIN.They put some music on and I started dancing and teasing them They kept up the chanting as I started peeling down, a cheer went up. I got down to nothing but my undies. The cheering got louder and One of the girls yelled "Let's see some meat!" I teased them by roling the waistband down just far enough to tease them some more. I roled it up and down several times. They thought I was teasing them but I was trying to build the courage to drop it all the way and expose myself.Finally mt wife jumped up and says "Are you chickening out?" then yanked my undies right down to my ankles. There I was naked in front of 15 women who weren't finished with me yet.As I stepped out of my undies, my wife led me to where the bride to be was sitting. She reached out and grabbed my penis which started to get hard. Another round of cat calls and within a few minutes every woman in the room had groped me. I stood there with a raging erection wondering what to do.They started yelling for me to do myself, but I couldnot in front of them all. They tried to get the bride to be to do it but she said no. I went to put my clothes back on but they said I had to stay naked for the rest of the party. By the time I got home later my testicles were sore as hell and I couldn't even have sex with my wife until the nexr morning when she thanked me for helping out last night by taking it real slow so my enjoyment was even better than usual.
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Hot story, I'd love to be "forced" to do that.

Love it. Thanks for commenting on my story, yours gives me courage! I may ask my gf about being their naked server after stripping...yikes.



Hi, Great story. What does *CFNM* stand for????

you have to remember this was quite a few years ago & i don't think there would be a need to see a naked older man entertaining young ladies.