i'm looking for new n kinky ideas, so any suggestions please xx
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Have some one use a chain on you!

There are so many possible things..I find it entertaining to just browse the web, see what turns me on, - the activities involving pain or physical risk don't do it for me, but if you get clean people I trust, just about anything turns me on.

I got my Gf to ********** under a blanket when she was watching a movie with her granddad. she had a blanket over her bottom and exposed breasts. It was such a kinky turn on knowing she did it ;)

I dare you to go out bottomless or with a short skirt, no panties to the living room, while your dad is watching tv, sit down beside him and ********** openly to a good ******.

Try a K-9 Knot?

How about this. If you are not on birth control go and find a gloryhole, wait for your fertile days then go there and take every **** (all races and sizes) that goes through the gloryhole in your ***** bareback til you get pregnant. For your safety of course if you have a boyfriend or husband or friends who will look after you make sure they are near you so you will be safe.

itsydick, may i join ur gf next time? xx

mmmmmmmmmmm for just a week?

ex g/f used to love me taking her out and with a box of condoms... I would let a homeless guy we could find have a turn... was her idea of community service...<br />
theres also the voyuer aspect of teasing truckers on the interstate until you have quite the following, pulling off at a rest stop, and easing their throbbing erections...<br />
there was also a late night bar bang... we went to a bar where she blew every patron that came in that night.... for about 4 hours...then the owner, myself, and his bar backs each took turns emptying ourselves in her three times each (mouth,***,*****)...

love all those ideas the scrap book one seems to be the best so far x

I am loving! You seem pretty open to it all, awesome! How about holding your pee in a pub or somewhere on a night on the lash till your absolutely bursting, then on your way home have a a guy rub you till you cant take it anymore, your ****** shudders through your body and you release your pee all over him...and everything, panties and all!

I think I can help you alot in your quest, take a note book and make a list in alphabetical order. <br />
Of every sexual thing you have read about on Ep.<br />
Then start at A and go for it.<br />
Take pics and make a scrap book.<br />
It will be a wonderful thing to look back at and relive the best times...


kooky love that idea xxxx

I would love to tie you up on a stage and blind fold you. then let a group of both men and women have their way with you. a **** in every hole dp and ***** in your face i want you to taste yourself on many of the ***** that just stuffed you ***** i want an audience of even more people to watch and for you to know that classmates and teachers were both in the crowd and on stage with you. then when you walk the halls you wont know for certain who had their way with you.

first lay you back and spread your legs...I dive my face right into your *****..sucking and licking your **** fingers roaming all over your ***...I lick my middle finger and work it into your ******* with my mouth working your ****..******* your *** and sucking your ***** untill you explode over my face again and again untill you body is shaking and you beg me to stop..Then get you to work over my **** with your hot little mouth and **** you in all your holes untill your dripping my *** out of all of them...

love that idea shhmichael3

kim that sounds amazing xxxx

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hotrod i love that one xx

i want to be underneath u in a 69 sucking our *** from ur used wet **** while ur mouth cleans my **** coated ****. u grind ur **** into me and **** all over my face while ur holding my **** aimed at ur face and im ******* up into u! luv to play with ur **** soaked body as my **** gets harder and harder

yes it would be xx

How about trying to **** someone from as many countries as you can? You could take a photo of each **** and create a **** photo consisting of all the ***** that you have ****** or sucked?


Try being strapped down to sybian really strapped down so you can break contact. Blind fold. And giving head during your sybian marathon.

U could come to california and pee on us :)

mmm that sounds fun xx


omg that bets everything so far xx


mmmmmmmmmmmm sounds lush xx

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i like

u like me to do that?

i might xxx

mmmmm eggs are new x

yes just name the ob<x>jects xx

yes i love **** games, yes i'll f-uck a guy with a toy and love being fisted and like to fist a girl xx

no limits xx