Drawing & Painting & Photographing

First an off-topic note. "Draw" and "paint" and "photograph" are all verbs so "drawing" and "painting" and "photographing" are gerunds. But "drawing" and "painting" may be used as nouns to indicate the object drawn or painted, while draw and paint do not: my painting is not yet dry. But "photographing" does not do that well, it does indicate the act of taking or making a photograph but not the photograph itself. I wonder why the parallelism is not complete. But that was a big digression.

First: I have been taking pictures for over 60 years. But I have great difficulty thinking of most of my photographs as art. I did take one in the sprint of this year that I do consider are. Although it took a fair bit of post-processing to raise it from a "record photograph" in my mind to an "artistic photograph"

Second: I have been seriously drawing for much less time. I admit to preferring to draw female nudes but I have drawn landscapes and a few still lifes.I want to improve both the female nude and the scenery pictures but drawing is essential to the improvement.

Then there is my acrylic painting. Been doing that for a little over twenty years but with huge gaps of no painting. This sort of abstract was really painted as a class exercise although it was up to me both the colors and shapes in which they were arranged.
70+, M
Dec 6, 2012