Animal Cruelty, Illegal With Exceptions?

I've always wanted to be a animal cop (ya know, like on Animal Precinct, love that show!), but I live in Alaska and we only have a Animal Control that is nothing like that. I also always wanted to be one of those undercover people that go in to labs that test on animals and set all the animals free or steal them, do people do that at all? I think I only saw it in the movies...How is it that Animal cruelty is illegal but animal testing isn't? It's only legal to the consumer! Consume! Consume! Testing on animals IS animal cruelty, I don't understand this country anymore, bunch of hypocrits!!! When you buy products, make sure to read the bottle that will state if the company tests on animals.

Gambit4 Gambit4
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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

It is odd that animal testing goes on. Spare the human and kill the monkey.All kinds of animals have helped humans ..medicine and science.Cancer research expecially.I always feel sorry for the animals in cages and they don't know anything beyond that.