Life = Risk

To laugh, is the risk to seem fool
to cry, is to risk to seem sentimental.
To get close to someone, is to risk to commit yourself
to show your emotion, is to risk being known.
To share your life, your dreams your ideas to some people, is to put them in risk.
To love is to risk not being corresponded.
To live, is the risk to die-

In every hope there is the risk of the despair.
In any attempt, the risk of failing,
But the risks are have to be taken
because the greater danger in this life, is not to risk anything.
Because the one that nothing risks, nothing does… nothing has… nothing is,
perhaps, it can save suffering and pain,
but after all, we cannot learn,
neither to feel, nor to change, nor to grow, nor to love, nor to live;
chained by the certainties, we will be a slave,
scarifying our own liberty.

Only risking freedom devotes itself
MyNameIsCecilia MyNameIsCecilia
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3 Responses Aug 6, 2010

You are back!!!!! I am glad! You and me think so much alike that is why we are friends! TKS. I missed you!

To live is.

How true. Life consists of risks and rewards. One doesn't exist without the other.<br />