Hike A Mountain

I have been in the US since 1997 and since then I have hiked some mountains but not as many as I would have wanted to. The best hike has been Mt Albert in Aspen, CO. The other hikes have been close to home such as Mt washington in NH. Last year I went to Manchester in VT and I hiked some local mountains in that town.
I want to hike many more mountains around the world, including many more in the US main land, Hawaii, and Alaska.
I am originally from India and there are some beautiful mountains in that country. Unfortunately from last 15 years I have not been able to leave US and fly back to my country. But once I am able to do so, I will hike Chur Chandani a beautiful mountain with approximate height of 12000ft.
If you read this note and you share a similar interest, do share any beautiful spot that you have hiked and would want others to experience the same pleasure that you had while hiking on a beautiful mountain.
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2 Responses Nov 2, 2012

I am not much of a hiker but i do like motorcycles. The Blue Ridge Mountains are really nice. I think they arw in VA. Been a long time since I have been therw though.

Well you have hiked more places then me

have a great day