LOST In a World I Use to Know

I don't know where to get started.  Either I am bored or just about brain dead.  I can't seem to get interested in doing anything, I mean 0 anything.  One minute I will have an idea the next it's gone.  Do you call it ADA or just plain done just about everything that I can think of in the past years.  I know there is more out there but I can't get there.  I have a relatively new car and I am a good female driver, why can't I get there?  Go figure!!!!I have no kids to tie me down, 3 dogs, i can put them in the kennel and hall butt but , but, but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

coffeeladymonk coffeeladymonk
1 Response Feb 26, 2009

I believe we all have had a peroid of time in our lives where we are not sure what to do next.I sometimes say out loud,Oh God,where am I at in this world.It feels good in saying it.Once it's out I start to think,What have I done in my life that made me happy or felt so good or remember having wonderful memories.something might click!You seem like you have it alltogether. take care,I hope I have helped you.Good luck!