My Box

I am in a box.

I am here voluntarily, but I don't want to be here. In theory, I could get out of the box. The box is not locked. It is barely closed. It is not mandatory that I stay in the box. I have been offered the opportunity to get out of the box.

And yet, here I remain.


Getting out of the box may yield unwanted results. In the box, one might think that I am protected. But no. In the box, the environment is protected from me.

It's not that I am dangerous. I am not a caged animal. But this box, this box that is secured, not with a lock, but a gently tied ribbon, is a box that prevents a return to insanity.

It's not enough to know that I have the ability to open the box. It's not enough that I've been given permission to open the box.

I need the ribbon to be untied.

Only then will I leave the box.

If the ribbon remains tied, then here I shall remain.
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6 Responses Sep 19, 2012

Being trapped by the walls that we create ourselves, I can relate to all too well.

Staying in the box does not mean I'll be entirely quiet. I can see out. I know who's there. I will knock on the box and call attention once in a while. I won't make a lot of noise, but I won't be completely still

. . . I see you.

I know you do. :)

I concur with Feisty.

*sigh* I may not be the person you speak of below...but I still know about this...all too well...

I have no idea what you're talking about, but I like the imagery you're using.

Only the person who knows what this means can untie the box. I suspect that there is a desire to untie the box, but, a reluctance. It's a reluctance that I understand completely. So... all is well. :-)

... ok. I hope they got the message!