I Hate This...

I want to get my license and really go to college but I can't!! My mom and dad are too busy working and can't teach me!! Other people can't either because they have other things to do and they are busy also!! I feel like my parents don't want me to go to college because of all this crap going on!! I wish everybody wasn't that busy!! I feel really stuck in life and I just want to get out of it all!!
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How's progress with the license? If you need extra practice try a large school parking lot on an event-free saturday or sunday. Lots of room for error if you haven't gotten the hang of it yet :)

It's okay my dads been taking me out mostly every other day and I've been doing great that's what he says

Glad to hear it. I'm not sure about your state but in mine when I took drivers' ed it was an afternoon class once a week for ten weeks followed by an exam and about 3-6 hours of driving with an instructor to practice soft braking, three-point turns, some parallel parking (even with my experience I have trouble with that) and getting over my fear of driving in heavy traffic. After I got my permit (I was already 16) I think I still had to wait a few months to get my license. It's tedious but once you can drive it's totally worth it. :)

would you like me to teach you ?

I'd like that :)

i d be pleased to teach you ...

can you get a part time job and get lessons

no cause i don't want to depend on anyone to take me to and from and it would of been better if they would of kept driver's ed in school but they don't have that anymore