Funny Experiences And Good Pics And Mems

try this guys :), who cares about your age get some mates, go to a $2 shop and buy like 4 rolls of duct tape :) find a tall skinny tree or a tall street sign.
now get a step ladder or something two people can stand on and tape someone around your tree/sign (do it somewhere random and funny) like some statue lol.
now take the ladder away and ditch them hanging in a tree or some mcdonalds sign. if ur a mean friend throw eggs at them or something :) funny pictures and memories
coreyeyes coreyeyes
2 Responses May 8, 2012

U idiot i will tie u to a tree and throw rockz at u , c how funny that will be.
U bumhole

do it :) ps. while cutting them free, do one side and the tape still supports you and the fall is verrrry slow :)