My Lost Love N Pains In My Life

This story belongs to me,i have some painful memories which i want to share with u all people.


i was studying for some professional course 4 years ago where i met  a boy,rohit,we then gradually become good friends n he was very much interested in me.I  had same kind of feelings for him too but i wanted his initiative.

That was my 1st love experience in life.After completion of our study we were back to our hometowns which were not same.Time was running at his own pace n due to some misunderstanding we broke up,this is all same as ever happens in each love story,then the advent of another person named sohil in my life made me happy....

sohil was very much similar to me,we had a good chemistry.After a long time i came to know about the sohil that he was married n had 2 year old child n then i came to know that he lied to me from the beginning bcoz he was not happy from his married life.

Thats was the worst moment of my life which was very hard to cope up with.

Then his wife came to know about me n decided to dump sohil  n i think he deserved this.

I was here unable to leave sohil due to my strong feeling inspite of being known that he was  married.I was striving hard now to leave sohil n then once again rohit come back in my life.

Now i had two option,rohit n sohil,it was like a triangle,very stressful triangle for me.

I had decided to leave sohil but being dumped by his wife he was living alone n sohil had an only option of me.

Some days went n rohit came to know all about sohil n he was just freaked out he told me strongly to leave sohil

bcoz he was married.

After preparing my emotions strongly i left sohil n changed my number n decided to stay with rohit only.

Then after few days i again called sohil coz i was unable to leave him from my thoughts n emotions,strong attachment of mine with sohil.

One day sohil n me was talking over phone n it was our last chat by phone coz after this chat he had committed suicide by taking poision

n left a big letter for me....


Oh my God it was so painfullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll for me.



I came to know about his death after 3-4 days.I felt like my brain was dead but rohit strongly supported me at that time.

Again life came back on its own track slowly n rohit has gone too from my life leaving me.

I dont know where is he now n here my parents are seeking a life fellow for me.

But u know sometime i feels that i would never get any life fellow like sohil,who is no more,my true love,only in my cherished memory he is now.






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Mar 8, 2010