Public Library Pee

I want to release some little spurts in my jeans in a public library, and after that let my jeans dry and don´t cover the visible spot...
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1 Response Aug 14, 2010

So hot to **** in the library, I love it

I love to have my short skirt on with nothing under and while I pretend to look for books I let out little spurts on the floor or on the books or in the chairs when I sit and read some books, I have even pissed on the desk in front of a librarian girl.

That's so hot!
I did the same a while ago as I was in the public library: I released a few little squirts on the carpet at the shelves. I had on a short skirt and it was so easy to do it. Next time in library I will do it discretely while standing beside a beautiful young woman...

Yes its so hot to let it out on the carpet and maybe on the legs of the girl.
I will do it next time Im in the library.

I'm sure the girl would notice the wetness on her legs if you would do so. But I have to admit that I imagine from time to time that I pee a few tiny little squirts directly after ******* on a nice girls pants or dress (on her butt or her legs). I'm absolutely convinced that she would notice that, but who knows, maybe she would enjoy being peed on at the library...

I love doing it. There are videos on where guys *** and pee a little on girls in buses, on elevators, in malls and in libraries.

Thanks for the link! I found videos of a guy ******* on girls pants in public while on escalator all the time! In one of the videos it looks like peeing squirt by squirt! ******' hot! I think, I would like to do that, because the imagination of doing that makes me so damn horny...

Glad you found it, yes its so damn hot videos, I love to watch them, I get so hard every time. I must try to do that soon.

"" was a great recommendation, because I found the ******' hot flash-****-in-public videos from "legendflashing" ( This guy did flashing and stroking his huge penis openly in front many many pretty women on subway train, and he made the best flashing videos I've ever seen. I recommend you to watch his ******' hot videos, extremely exciting!

That guy is my favourite, I have watched his videos and I have *** a lot when imagining it is me doing it, the best is when he drops his pants. This is what I want to do. He never shoot his *** on the videos, I want to shoot my *** and pee so the ladies see it.
Now I am so horny so I have to go out and have some fun.

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