Footsie In The Library.

When I was a student and bored in the library, I used to play footsie with attractive strangers. Ended up meeting quite a few women that way.. ;-)
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hmmm...that isnew..

Was an exciting game to relieve the boredom of study.

A high risk game for a man to play footsie and not get a slap across the face.

Fortune favors the bold! I've found this to be true more often than not. I have tested the numbers in asking women to **** at bars. about 1 in 10 say yes. 2 in 10 say maybe let's have a drink and talk about it first, 4 say various "no's" or just walk away. 1-2 give you a "**** off!" and 1-2 try and slap you. That was my results in about a year and a half of "testing". Sex was very good with those that say yes! Not to mention the envy of friends.


Always loved the danger.. I did it once to the girl sitting in front of me in the theatre at a Shakespearean play. She got her friend to come up to me afterwards with her phone number.. Who dares wins... ;-)