I Want to Be Useful

If everyone just pitched in and did something helpful for others then life just might be a better place. I want to be something or do something in life that will make a difference for many people. I would like to help as many people as possible. I just haven't figured it out yet.

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2 Responses Jan 27, 2009

There could be more than one way to "help as many people as possible". One is to devote years to school, and then to research in a medical or scientific field. Discover new ways of using plants to cure cancer or similar diseases, or to grow a new food crop to help the hungry. That is a great goal to have and I would never dissuade anyone from this path if it is right for them.

The other way you could achieve this is by being a catalyst. Start small, but think big and put a network in place. This could be quite rewarding, depending on what kind of person you are. There are many many people out there who help people every day, but if you are just one person, your ability to help others is limited to your own input. If you could think of a way to start helping people in your community, but at the same time, attract other people to your cause, then you can expand exponentially and help (indirectly anyhow) millions.

If you want to do something to help "as many people as possible" I would recommend you to help your entire species. What could that be? There are a lot of options, like studying genetics to help us evolve faster(with the development of artificial body parts such as arms or eyes that work better that the ones we have now) or join me in my goal to make Space Exploration look as shiny as it did in 1969, so people will give money and support to it and we will finally be able to expand our species out of this planet(keeping all members of our species in the same planet is not safe for our long-term duration). There are many options to help a lot of people and actually make a difference. Most of them related to science.