I Know...

The other day while chatting with my best friend, we mentioned about our dream of going to greece together... Our inspiration came from the movie "The sisterhood of the traveling pants". Then we mentioned about wanting to knit, wanting to master yoga, wanting to go to dhaka to visit orphans.... All these wantings just made us sound so useless... While others of my age has already planned for something, like marriage, career, higher education, etc... my only concern is where is my next destination and when i'm seeing my bf.... How sad am i?

nicorley nicorley
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2 Responses Oct 18, 2007

lol... Thanks... I should try talking about it less and try acually doing it!

So, knit some socks on your way to the orphanage, then come home and do some Yoga with the boyfriend! There! Got ya planned and covered! ;)