Ancient Technology For Us Modern Scatterheads

I've been practicing yoga and meditation for about 7 years. It's had a HUGE impact on my life. I'm more joyous, my whole experience of life is richer. I have more energy and process things quicker -- what used to bother me for a week, lasts for a day -- what bothered me for a day, lasts an hour, what bothered me for an hour, lasts a minute, and sooooo many things just don't bother me at all anymore. It makes me a more effective person in so many ways, I can focus my energies and attention on productive outcomes and projects and relationships instead of being in my head, mired in pointless regret or anxiety or wasteful thoughts about things I can't change. It's really been remarkable. I actually decided to finally post in this group today of all days because I'm really excited about sharing a link to a simple but potent meditation that is designed for anyone and everyone. It's described as "a simple, yet powerful tool to move from untruth to truth." I can certainly attest to the power of it and would love to hear what others think. Let me know your experience!
charlotteBK charlotteBK
Jul 7, 2011