Late Night Yoga

I have an EP guru. My guru opens my mind to a lot of spiritual and philosophical ideas. Ideas that I have known before; but perhaps through the course of my life, has been abandoned by the world's fast ride. And now, it's like reading something familiar, yet unable to grasp its significance. I ask my guru a lot of questions. Funny how he lets me answer my own questions.

I have an EP yoga coach. My coach encourages me to keep trying and practicing yoga and meditation. Just the practice alone makes me feel I may not be able to do it. But my coach pushes and tells me to stop giggling. I giggle a lot and have a hard time keeping still. Still, my coach is patient enough to coax me.

So I tried it out last night...*Late Night Yoga* as my coach called it. It's a 20/20 minute workout.

It's not as bad really last night. The DVD I have is not really meant for beginners but I have managed to catch up. Some of the postures I like are the twists...and forward bending though needs more practice; I can only bend so much. LOL And then came the balancing poses. Oh my... I had a bottle of Smirnoff before then. I know. They're not a good combination. 

The DVD also came with a pilates workout. Goodness...this stretched me real good. I find the sitting up part difficult. I always have to use my elbow for support - so that's cheating. Darn! Again, practice, practice, practice.

Then I meditated after. And this is where everything became fuzzy. Not because of the Smirnoff. LOL But to focus and concentrate on just one thing, find my centre. "Listen to my thoughts and feelings", my guru has said. Yet there's just this one thought that creeps back...and a feeling that gnaws my heart. Over and over again.

And I have no freaking clue what it means..

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LOL Late night YOGA LOL... am tutor..JFYI .... And I run classes for both genders.. But in the morning... Ideal time

Haven't really done it again alone since then. I think I need the ambience to help me focus. Until such time I am more centred, then perhaps I can do it anywhere else. I admire those who can. Plus I want the heat. And living here... I've to crank up my heater!<br />
<br />
But I've grown a lot in yoga since that night. It was just finding the right path. And to be alone... with Smirnoff... nuh uh *shakes head*... that's saying I've no clue where I was headed for.<br />
Thanks, Dave. Namaste.

That's why I do yoga late at night. I can be alone, just me and the mat.

Thanks Demamma... that was my first time to try it, and with just a DVD. Honestly, it did not really work for me. I am now venturing hot yoga and totally loving it! I shall be posting a new story soon. Thanks for your comment... :)

"late night yoga" seems like a strange concept to me . Yoga is meant to be practised early morning before dawn for benefits. Thats the time you will be in the calmest state of mind also . its called "brahma muhurta"

Haha...that might take a long time, LV...this meditation thing is difficult for me...staying still is certainly not my forte.........I must look so ridiculous giggling by myself! Oh well...gotta keep trying...*hugs*

LOL! please share when you found out what it means

Thanks, Bells...I am trying to keep at it. But I suck at meditating...I don't get it. I keep giggling. And this is what I need to do. Damn these thoughts..............or thought...haha ;) *hugs*

Good job Sylph..Atleast you tried something new ..<br />
<br />
I've tried pilates...Girl,I'm way tight HAHAHA<br />
<br />
Keep at it....*hugs*'s a thought and feeling combined. If it is a fuzzy memory, then this has been hiding for a very looooong time. ;) felt tired reading my story...funny, Ever...haha :D<br />
But ooohhh.........I would look for this book. I'm very curious about it. Thanks, honey...good tip. ;) Who doesn't want to look young?................ *Sylph bouncing with excitement*...........*hugs*

Could it be a feeling? Or maybe an unkown/fuzzy memory? :0

LOL, HT...I replied to Spring as you commented here.<br />
<br />
It was pretty awkward. But a lesson learned. haha Almost fell twice...and that just made me giggle so much...even when I was alone!<br />
<br />
The feeling??? Hmmm...still analyzing...need to do more meditation... ;)

Well, maybe for meditation alone, the Smirnoff may help. I suggest wine if you're a wine drinker. But don't attempt it with yoga...I got so clumsy with the balancing, I kept giggling! ;) Thanks, Spring. :)

Im sure the Smirnoff + balancing = lots of entertainment :P<br />
<br />
Good thing your keeping at what you want. <br />
<br />
What feeling keeps coming back that you dont know?

LOL, Kitti! I can see you have done this before...perhaps we should get together...not with Smirnoff though...serious yoga and meditation............*Sylph does the tree pose with Kitti*...........

hhh *kitti runs in ..flips down purple yoga mat , gets into salutation position and winks at Sylph* come on sexy babe .. kitti is ready ..*breathe deeply and let it out slowly *

Gee, thanks, Jimmy. I tried it without Smirnoff last night...better balance, for sure. LOL And the pilates is really stretching my abs. It's feeling sore now when I laugh. <br />
<br />
What THAT thought are you talking about???<br />
<br />
And yes, the ads come out depending on what your story is about. Funny how you never noticed before... ;)

Whoa, as I am typing this there are a bunch of yoga ads on the right side of the page. Focussed advertising.

Way to go Sylph! Try it without Smirnoff next time. haha. <br />
<br />
Listen to your thoughts, but not THAT thought! kidding.

haha! The tips would fall under mature content, Super-D...perhaps some other story...haha!<br />
You're crazy, you know that! :D

Alrrrrrright, LadyA. I would definitely call your attention when the group comes out. Maybe you have suggestions for a name???

I'm not that good at billiards...but I can be a very good distraction for my opponent! ;) hahaha<br />
<br />
And I can't surf EP and do yoga at the same time...LOL...can't even do anything else on the internet if I'm here!

That's why I call it Late Night this time, the house and the neighbourhood is quiet and still. It's my time to be alone with just me. ;)<br />
<br /> must come and visit me. I have a table downstairs. I started playing in, not as a sport. There were just too many hang-outs with billiard tables in those damn places.

LMAO! Oh, Super-D...that is just the funniest thing I ever imagined here on EP! Too funny...<br />
*can't stop laughing*.....thanks, girl! *hugs*

LOL! WG and I are brainstorming a group for hippies like us. Not hardcore...but just small details like the purse or yoga and meditation, if you may...and for people like yourself who has that inner-hippie. ;)

Awww, geez, thanks, WG! *hugs*

Haha...funny, Omniel...I answer my own question...hmm...<br />
I just don't know if it's right.......hang on...yeah, it is right. I shall enjoy its potentials later on. Do it now so I don't burn myself out. haha! Thanks again, Wise-Omniel. :)

lol. You are such a hippie!

Well right now, I can not think of the fun. If I do, it won't get me anywhere. My idea of fun is very different from yoga and meditation. LOL I need to do it to calm myself down then enjoy its potentials later on. Does that make sense?

LOL I'm trying, More. ;) Promise I won't have one tonight. I was a little high-strung yesterday. I'll just do yoga.

keep the bottle, and keep focused on your 'centre', Sylph, wherever that may be...

It's not that awesome, yet...but yes, I've taken the first step towards it. Thank you, Omniel. :)