But Will I Ever?

Doubtful. I really want to be the one in charge. I want to totally take her and make her mine. I want to be her everything. But, I have one problem....I am a submissive **** loving sissie. I want to badly to take her and hold her and make her do my will. But, just as badly, i want to be a feminine beautiful girl, in frilly skirts, or lovely evening gowns. I came to realize this when she was on top of my ****, and for about the millionth time, it went limp inside her *****. I know I have always identified as bisexual, but recent events are making me question what and who i am. The wierd thing is, we talk about everything openly, and after it happened, she told me how much she adores me and never wants to be without me, even if I can not pleasure her. Damn, I worship her.

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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

Life both. On different time and different space. ;)