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Wife's Punishment

TRUE STORY. My wife and I generally follow fairly traditional household roles. Sexually, she is very conservative now (not when we were dating), and I am very liberal. Anyway, as with any marriage, there are ups and downs. This past winter, we hit a big “down” period. Everything she did annoyed me to the point of being angry with her. I tried to shake it, but she just kept angering me. Anger is a strong word and I don’t use it lightly, so I hope you appreciate the emotion. One evening we sat down in the living room. I told her that obviously I was angry with her, and over the past few weeks I haven’t been able to work out of these feelings. She knew, and was at her wits end trying to snap me out of it too. I had even done some research on the internet. One suggestion I read about involved dominating your wife sexually, until you feel she has paid her penance. After giving me wife a safe word, this is what we did….
I told her that she had to call me “master.” Her only answers were to be “yes master” and “no master” at the appropriate degrading question. She would also repeat anything I told her to say. I told her that I would be telling her to do things, and I would do things to her. She wouldn’t necessarily like them, but unless she had a major objection, that she should do them.
I told her to put her hair in pigtails. She looks about 15 years younger, and shows off her very sexy neck. Next I told her to stand up in front of me. She was wearing jeans, panties (granny-style), a boring bra and a t-shirt. I told her to remove her shirt and jeans, and keep her hands at her side at all times, unless I told her otherwise. I stared at her body for a while. It’s a bit unsettling to just have someone stare at you like a piece of meat. She did as she was told. My tone was forceful and degrading. I called her “*****” often and throughout the rest of the story.
I was afraid we’d make too much noise and so I took her to our basement. It’s unfinished, and is a bit more dungeon –like. I had her remove her bra. I then tied her ankles to a 2-1/2 foot wood clamp that I have, so her legs were spread apart. I then tied her hands spread-eagle style to the woodwork on the ceiling. She she’s tied up, spread-eagle wearing nothing put her panties. Then the real fun soon began…
I slapped her face a handful of times, not hard, but hard enough to disgrace her. I told her to repeat the follow phrase, “I am a dumb *** ****.” Then I had her say it about 5 more times. At first it wasn’t loud enough, she barely whispered it, but a few good slaps to her breasts, and she was on track – acting like a good sex slave. Then I tortured her breasts.
I slapped her breasts, pulled her nipples, pinched her nipples (with my fingernails), twisted her nipples, and made her say “thank you master” after each assault. Periodically, I would just slap the breasts. She’d jump (as much as she could) at the hard ones. Every once in a while she would gasp. I’d ask her if she wanted more, and of course, she said, “yes master.” Of course, if I had to interrupt her breast torture, she was deserving of a slap to the face. I enjoyed slapping the *****’s face. Her **** were quite red when I was done w/ them. Although, periodically through the rest of her torture, I gave them a few good whacks and pulls just to remind her I owned her.
Now my wife and I have 2 kids. She’s lost most of the weight, but not all, and she’s not quite toned through the midsection any more. I slapped her stomach a few times and called her a fat *****. I made her say “thank you master” after each one. I made her repeat that she was a “fat *****” a few times. (I could tell this was genuinely upsetting her so I backed off and moved to her ***** and ***).
Now, I hate her granny panties that she likes to wear post pregnancy. I understand they are for comfort, so I go along with it. But I hate them. My wife’s got a great body, and when we were dating she had a great rock hard ***. I don’t like fat *****. I love it when she wears thongs. So I took her granny panties and pulled them up and gave her a MASSIVE wedgie. I pulled the sides of her panties up to her boobs. I made sure that the fabric in front when right between her ***** lips. Of course she said, “thank you master” each time I tugged them up. Anytime she was slow thanking me I slapped her face and/or breast. I then left her spread-eagle in the basement and went upstairs to get some supplies (lube and vibrator – I never ended up using them on her *** as intended).
I wanted to torture her ***** some, so I cut her panties off her at the sides. She felt utterly humiliated…it was awesome. My wife had a problem keeping some “bedroom things” a secret when we first got married, and I was always worried she was talking about me. Nothing I’m ashamed of, but nothing her friends needed to know. Again, I’m a bit liberal sexually. Around this point, I realized how passionate I was for my wife. I knew we had a sexual secret that she would never tell anyone. Periodically, throughout the torture I would brush up beside her and grind on her. Her ***** was sooo wet it was nearly dripping.
Anyway after showing her how wet her panties were because of her *****. I folded them up and put them in her mouth. She objected, so I told her just a little while. My wife never wipes her *** enough, so I made she the “skidmark” on her panties was facing down on her tongue. At list point, she began to break down a little and a few tears ran down her cheek. Then I spanked her *** until it was red, mixing in about 5 good ***** slaps. Since she was gagged, she couldn’t thank me, so I removed the gag after a short period of time.
Her *** needed more work, but spankings weren’t enough. I saw a 3/8-inch dowel rod nearby. After waving it around a few times, to scare her a little. I made a few taps on her ***** – just hard enough to make her squirm. Then I told her she was getting 10 whacks on the *** for being such a dumb *** ****. I told her to count them, and thank me. Surprisingly, she counted down. Almost like she had done this before. After the first one she didn’t say “thank you master” fast enough, so I told her it didn’t count. Just to mess with her a little. By the time the tenth one made contact she had 10 bright red lines crisscrossing her ***. She couldn’t help but to squirm. She wanted to grab her *** and rub it so badly, but she was tied up. Poor little ****.
At this point, she was starting to break down. The tears were getting bigger, and she was snotting everywhere. So after a few more slaps to the breasts and a few more repeats of, “I am a dumb *** ****” I untied her. I also wanted my **** sucked. My wife does a decent blow job, but rarely puts much effort into it. Until tonight!
I made her sit on the stairs to the basement. Her *** on the dirty steps. I told her to open her mouth and suck my ****. “No hands *****.” I grabbed her by the back of the head and forced her onto my ****. Her mouth was dry, so I made her spit on my ****. She was so upset, that she didn’t have spit, so it made it even harder for her to spit on my ****. I pulled her pigtails and forced her to suck a while longer. She hates gagging, and I knew I was pushing her boundaries, so I backed off before I gagged her.
I love my balls to be sucked and licked. I then had her move down a step. I slapped her face repeatedly with my ****. Spreading my pre-*** all over her face. She won’t let me *** on her face, so this was a wonderful sight, and quite humiliating. I then had her suck and lick my balls. Spending as much time as I wanted, not her wants, on that little place just past my balls on the way to my *******. The past summer my wife actually started licking my ******* with no prompting. Normally, I have to beg her just to finger it. Well, tonight was my night, and she was going to lick it raw. So I turned around and had her start licking my *******. Then I told her to tongue **** my *******. She did a decent job, but I could tell she was wearing out. I pushed her some more then told her to get upstairs for her *** *******.
I walked upstairs, slapping her *** as I wanted. I took her to our bedroom, and had her lay on the bed. Her tongue ******* of my ******* in the basement was just so-so. I wanted more. I figured this position would help her do that. So I sat my *** on her face, spread my cheeks, and made her go at it until she was begging me to stop. So I pushed her a little more, and then had her bend over the bed.
I got behind her, and with no lubrication, started to stick my **** in her ***. She broke down. She ran to the corner with her *** in the corner and started balling. I told her to knock it off, go to the bathroom and clean up, and come back for me to **** her *****. She did I she was told and I shot a huge load in her dripping wet *****.
She never used her “safe” word, but she was obviously done. We’ve done this thing a few times since then, but never to this degree. And never in the basement. She says she doesn’t want to go to the basement again. I’ve asked her repeatedly to switch roles and take me to the basement. No luck yet. All I can get her to do is bite and pull my nipples. And occasionally slap my balls. For as bizarre as this may sound, it actually did bring us closer. For those of you who think I abused my wife, I asked her about what she thought. She said she didn’t realize how tough I could be, but that she recognizes that she volunteered for it, and never asked me to stop until the end.
spankingdesire spankingdesire 36-40, M 24 Responses Jun 3, 2011

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oh my God!!!!!!!!!! are you a human???????? i think you are a real monster .

But you read my story....perhaps you'd like to be dominated by your husband???

You deserve everything you want! Women exists for the sole purpose of pleasuring there husbands!

Are you married? I'd love to work your tongue in my *** and my **** up your ***!

How do I get my husband to do that to me? I am so wet and need some major relief.

Drop me a line, perhaps I could help.

Great story
Please add me

Awesome! Keep working her tongue in your *** and your **** up her ***!!

Wonderful story. I am an experienced Dom, and it takes a good eye and ear to judge how far you can go with a submissive woman, or even man. I start off with bare hand, the use a leather flogger with several thick strands, then move up to a leather paddle....Mmmm they like the sting.... If you want to chat further.... Add Me.... cheers.

I would never put up with this. EVER. I have been curious about the dominant male role or life, however you wanna put it. But this, this is a big no. Not just no. "OH ******* HELL NO." I can see (sort of) being dominated. But humiliated... I'd kick your *** or at least hire a couple of wranglers to come and kick the **** out of you. Can't you dominate without humiliating?

Well I guess we won't invite you over next time. Yes, you can dominate w/out humiliating, however, then it's just a spank session essentially. Humiliation comes from the name calling, the *** licking, the crawling on a floor. If the dom orders it, then you have to do it....hence the humiliation. Would you have felt better had I made her do housework in the nude? Or something less sexual?

I have no idea what to tell you about what you should have done. And if she likes it and can take it, more power to her. Being called dumb would never be okay with me. Being called fat after what women go thru to be pregnant and bring a baby into this world, I have issue with. I am too hot headed to be the person who would be able to donthis. My daddy was a big tough mean sonuvabitch and I just didn't come away from that willing to let someone treat me that way.

Fair enough, "to each their own" as they say. It's not really my wife's thing either, but her body responded like crazy. It was one of the wettest her ***** has ever been. I think she was almost bothered by how much it turned her on. Perhaps some food for thought....

2 Questions:
1) any interest in dominating a male? After seeing your pics, I'd be game. My wife would love to watch.

2) What brought you to this story? Why did it interest you

I read your story because I was on your profile. I check people out a little before adding them to my circle.
As far as dominating a male. Well I have a husband and I am quite bossy already. Haha He does like it if I tell him what to do when we are in the bedroom. I like for a man to know what he wants and then try to get it from me. ;)

I would agree... IF she wasn't into it. If she enjoyed it, then there is no harm being done. If she enjoys it though, I am all for it. Some do, some don't, to each their own :)

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crazy thing

Great story. I'd never really fully contemplated the use of domination and humiliation as a way to get past latent anger in a relationship. Seems like it could be a good outlet, if a bit on the dangerous side, relationship-wise.

Interesting that you chose to cross some lines but not others... You felt OK spanking her with a dowel rod and putting her brown-stained panties in her mouth stain-side down, but gagging her and ******* on her face you still considered out of bounds, even though she was obviously completely at your mercy.

I would guess that if you'd been a tad less forceful and degrading... things like slapping her post-kid fat and calling her a fat *****, reducing her to snot-faced tears... my guess is that she might have really enjoyed being dominated. Obviously this was a strong but latent desire of yours for quite awhile prior to this, and you had a hard time controlling it once it was let out of the bag, partly due to your build-up of anger. The fact that she won't return to the basement to play says you took it about 4 steps too far for her liking, but the fact that you've done it again since says it's a turn-on and in her nature for her to be dominated.

Just curious, who normally wears the pants most of the time in your everyday interactions?

Good assessment, though, I'd probably say only about 2 steps too far, but w/out being there, a little too far. Perhaps a little too much embellishment (e.g the stained panties makes for better writing). I wear the pants. We have a farly traditional relationship. I think she'd probably go downstairs now. I think she was a little bothered by how turned on she became!

It never ceases to amaze me how often I've experienced/read about a woman who obviously thoroughly enjoys a new sexual experience, perhaps discovering a new dimension of herself or a new depth of desire, only to run to the safe corner of denial afterwards, for fear of... WHAT exactly? Losing control of herself? Losing touch with the core of who she believes she is, in a desire she doesn't have the self-discipline to control? Just being forced to confront desires she'd never allowed herself to acknowledge? Hearing her mother's and priest's voices in her head, stirring a guilty conscience?

Can any women clarify and add any input here?

Wow !! This is a great story. Kept Mr on the edge. Loved it intro to finish. You had to have that intro . It just would not be the same story without it.
Please add me as a friend.
Thank you

i wish i had a hubby like you :)

Great story...I'd love to see her pics too. Would you please add me?

added. Please give her a creative degrading story of how you would humiliate her.

Kinky story, very exciting and different ! I would love to have seen it. Please add me, thanks.


Sounds like it's time to invite a few friends over....while she's still tied up!

Nice start to her training. In my opinion though, I think you may have complicated taking her further when you offered to switch roles. She has to know, and accept, that YOU are the Dominant.

True, I agree. I think it is also very important to be validating and caring after the act is over so she doesn't doubt your love for her. It is one thing to take out aggression on a woman, it is very different to have genuine feelings of hatred for her and you cannot let her think the latter is the case.

Glad it works for you two. Glad it's not me.


Now I would have had her gagg slightly on you,but them hiding under the stairs a black guy with a huge **** to really have her yelping,and slap her a little harder as he rammed her ***** full,watch her scurry up the stairs crying with her ***** farting and dripping from all that ***,just like a little girl,then have another black guy hiding in the wardrobe to grab her as she shyed away from being sodomized by you,so why not get her anus really stretched by a nice stiff ****,you could pull on her hair,slap her with your **** and ask her what the hell she thinks she's doing with a 10" black **** up her arse in your bedroom.....then watch her bumble and splutter,trying to explain through tear,bubbled saliva and a gut full of hot velvet black ****!

That sounds like punishement....but bliss!

The ***** liked it.

Wow she sounds boring as hell. Like a little cry baby. I would have taken it like a champ :)

Haha, Only one way to find out! Dieing to try a little electro-shock on her next. Ever try it? Want to show her off some too, perhaps have her flash her *** w/ strap marks across it. BTW, w/ your attitude, you definitely would need to be dry-***-******. That should calm down a slave like yourself.

Wow Kudos to your wife because I could not have done that! I enjoy spanking during sex but nothing too painful as I'm a big *** wimp!

Thanks. If you're not into getting punished. Could you punish me? I love to be dominated too, but my wife won't do it. Love to hear what you'd do.

Pretty good story..some of it gave me a good chuckle though. I give your wife mad props too. I like to be a sub but honestly if it got to the point where I was crying I'd be demanding an end to the madness. For being so conservative before this and hanging in past the tears-She's wonder woman to me!

Great story! Almost a manual for humane, consensual Ds. Since you were so respectful of her "limits", without her using the safe word, you didn't strain your relationship. She showed a lot of *****, too. Congratulations to you both!

How about posting some pictures of her.

She's mega-pregnant now. I'll get some when she's got her body back.

Finally got a couple pics posted.

Sweet! Lucky you