I Need Financial Help!!!

About 5 Years ago we moved in with my soon to be husbands moms home to help her out because his father passed and she couldn't afford the bills herself. We sold a place that wasn't worth much for 5,000. We helped her pay for the funeral cost and barrel with it. We were planning to move but she got real bad sick. She had to be placed in the hospital and get a stint in her heart. So we had to stay and help out and to help bath and feed and cloth her. We started to buy a piece of property on land contract. The trailer that is on it in unlivable. About a month and a half ago she told us she wanted us gone before summer. She wants to move in with a man she met and when she moves we can no longer live her. She is never here and when she is she eats are food and uses all household item we buy. We pay all the bills and pay for are place on land contract. Since the trailer is unlivable we have no clue how we are going to manage. We were planning to add 3 rooms on so his two kids, and us have somewhere to sleep. Now we are stuck with a trailer we have to fix that is missing windows doors and needs a roof and new wiring through out. He has split custody and if the girl and boy share a room he can get them took away from us. We are in major need of money and we have no clue how to get it. ive tried churches, financial assistance and charity organizations. After we pay all the bills, buy food for 5 people and buy everything needed around house and property payment we have no money to fix the trailer up and add rooms. We need money and fast. Please i've tried everything and people say they will help me and get back to me and they never do, they just don't bother helping. Every little bit will help. Please Help us FAST!!!
amandanicoleshahan amandanicoleshahan
May 22, 2012