Ending The Addiction At Age 22. Need Help Getting Through.

I am 22 years old and am in college. Nearing the end of my high school years I was introduced to substance abuse by people I wanted to impress. The following years after high school, I attended community college then transferred to the university I attend now. I have recently made the choice to end the spree of wrong turns and get my life on a straight path. I have found a man who loves me as intensely as I love him, and we are both recovering drug addicts. I am taking 17 credits this semester and am on unemployment benefits, but they are very often postponed and held back so I often worry whether I will be able to eat and I haven't even paid rent this month. During the last semester of school I was homeless a few times and the only thing that kept me going forward was my love, who even stayed in my car with me when I had no place to go. He didn't have anywhere to offer me to stay so he stayed with me. I truly believe as long as I stay clean and my fiancé and I are honest with one another about our addictions, we WILL make it. I simply don't know how I will get past the initial money issues that I have created for myself, along with his same debt, through the drug addiction. Any help I could get would change my life. Though, I will be honest, the thought of telling my story to the world still scares me but people often think drug addiction can't happen to them when it effects people of all ages, colors, personalities, and incomes.
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i need money badly in india .I have to marriage of my two daughters soon.Now i am jobless .Pl help me