I Need A Good Samaritan To Give Me Money

I am 52 years old (will turn 53 on January 2014), from the Philippines, and had been unemployed since 2002 when the insurance company where I am working closed shop. I tried putting up my business with the small money I got as separation pay but it didn't succeed and was closed since 2007. I tried to practice my profession as a CPA but since I don't have experience in the business, I only retained 4 faithful clients from whom I am receiving a monthly retainer of PHP12,000 (around US$272) which is not enough for my family's average spending of about US700 monthly.

Since no company would like to hire me due to my age --- yes, there is an age discrimination in my country --- I am planning to set up a new company, either in real estate development or direct sales marketing.

I need somebody who would like to donate money to help me set up another business; otherwise, please help me with my current financial problem.
manuelantonio manuelantonio
56-60, M
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Hi, Manuel!

If you are a hardworking man and have a heart in helping others, I would recommend that you join the First Vita Plus Corporation. It's a direct selling company. Send me a message.

i need money badly in india .I have to marriage of my two daughters soon.Now i am jobless .Pl help me