Double? Let's Try Triple!

A few years ago an anthropology proffesor of mine told the class that humans are one of the few animals that cqn easilly double or even triple their weight. The most I ever weighed was 325lbs. I now weigh 170lbs. and have decided to gain weight and be a total flabbed out guy. That is, to be as heavy and fat as I can possibly be. This is not some idle thought. I've had these thoughts ever since I can remember. In October I was weighed at a doctor's appointment and came in at 160lbs. so I've already gained 10lbs. Doubleing my weight would put me at 340lbs. but tripleing would give me a delightful 510lbs. of what I hope to be pure fat and flab. Fatward, ever fatward!
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5 Responses Dec 1, 2012

good post. good luck with that!

Yes! Triple your weight!

Fatward ho!

And the holiday season is a time to gorge to the fullest with friends and family! Enjoy! --HXTP

Wow - you will be completely helpless, and your friends will drop away. Good luck with it!