Honey The Construction Crew Is Here

My wife and I set up a playdate recently. The house was empty and we each had a roll. I was to be a foreman of a contracted crew to do work at a house. She was to be the housekeeper looking after the house while the owners were away. Did I mention my crew was about 12 dildoes all 8inches plus? At any rate I was hired to "fill holes" at the house, and she was to assist us as needed. I "arrived" and was actually doing work on an addition we were putting up so I was dressed the part. She was wearing basically short of a French maid outfit, and acting rather snooty as if construction workers were beneath her station. As I worked she did housework making sure to give me ample views of her bending over etc. She would catch me looking and demand that I focus on my job and not her. I reminded her she was to assist us however possible and she stated construction was for poor men. We engaged in a debate on how important filling holes was, and pounding out any possible problems. She intentionally got in my face and I told her to shut up. Well that of course prompted the "make me" retort. I grabbed her by the back of her hair and put her to her knees pulling out my hard **** and stuffing it in her mouth. She started to moan and greedily sucked me in. I told her she was a **** and that if she didn't do as I said I would report her to the home owner for not assisting us. She pleaded with me not to tell, so I told her to get on the couch doggy style and face away. Her *** was up in the air and ***** exposed as I shoved my first crew member in and began pumping her. I let that "guy" **** her for a good bit, and then told her she would be servicing my whole crew. For the next two hours or so she was filled and pumped by all these huge construction man dildoes, several times getting dp'd. Her little **** were swaying from the pounding nipples totally erect. Watching her little bald ***** envelope all these ***** was amazing. I couldn't believe she actually ****** that long. Eventually I couldn't take it any more and ****** her hard in front of the window so anyone driving by could have seen. Came like crazy...she now loves my crew and has even requested to have them back for repair jobs. The only twist this time is that my role is now the dumb nerd husband at work, and she ***** herself silly with them while I'm away. She drops hints about how good they filled the holes and how deep their tools go, all the while I act as if she's just having house repairs done. Geez I'm hard now just thinking about her pounding herself out lol....
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1 Response May 14, 2011

Very nice. Love to hear she is getting her holes filled proper