Double, Triple... Or Multiple!

Wouldn't it be great to be in my wife's mouth when my two best buddies are in her ***** and up her ***? Or they could both be in her ***** while I'm up her ***, but then some other guy could be in her mouth too. Or the other guy could be up her *** with me while my buddies are in her *****, but that would leave room for a fifth **** in her mouth... and maybe a sixth. Being one of six guys filling my wife's three holes all at once would be great.

In an ideal world, all six of us would time it perfectly and pull out just in time to shoot our *** one right after the other into her mouth. She wouldn't swallow any of it until I kissed her and we split that massive six wad snowball in half, then we would swallow together... Yum!
JamieW JamieW
51-55, M
3 Responses Aug 12, 2011

I sure hope so.

Good luck. I'm sure you'll get her to that point if she is already willing with them separately.

Just as soon as I can talk her into it. We've done ********** with each of my two best buddies separately, but she hasn't been willing to go for it with anyone else - or even with both of them at the same time.