My DP Fantasy

I would like to find a couple to make this come true we meet online and decide to meet at a restraunt when i get there Im imprested your an atractive white couple the wife is a soccer mom housewife type a little chubby i think shes very atractive we talk order drink and everything is going great and we dicide to go to my hotel room and see how things go when we get there we sit on the couch and i ask her if i can kiss her and she says yes i start kissing her slow deep.tongue kisses shes getting into it and i tell her husband lets give her a message and we take her to the bed first we both start undressing her down to her panties and bra lay her down lotion her up and we start messaging her shes so relaxed and so wet i can see her wet spot on her panties i then kiss the back of her neck and ask if i can unhook her bra she says yes then we message more and i rum hy hand up her ***** and she moans opening her legs for me then we turn her over and i say you dont need this baby i grab your bra then we start rubbing your front and i lean down and kiss you she shoves her tongue in my mouth and i put my hand. in between her legs and she spreads them wide i then start sucking her nipple her hubby sucking the othet one then i kiss her and whisper in her ear i want tqvao taste you so bad she says yes i want you i put a pillow under her head i want her to watch me i slowly pull her panties down and start at her feet kissing up her leg to her inner thigh then i push my tongue in her ***** and her husbqnd puts his **** in her mouth and she **** in my mouth but i cant stop there. i keep eating heur ***** until she **** again and again tjen she says come her i want to taste you and she. stsrts un buttoning my pants and pulls out my hard **** a fullhard tjick 10 inches and a full 4 inches bigger then her husband she grabs it and says ohh its beautiful and licks the shaft and trys to suck it but im to big all she can get in is the head and her husband is so turned on watching his wife suck my **** he puts his **** inside her and ***** her good untill he **** inside her then she says ohhhh **** i want you in my ***** and i want her to i start``rubbing my head. on her **** and shes begging to feel me inside her so i push into her slowly but all the way in my ball on her ******* she is screaming ohhhhhh **** yes your so deep`and i cant belive how tight she is i stay buried inside her and start kissing her then i start pumping her hard shes ******* on my **** and then i get her reverse cowgirl and her legs are spread wide her husband watching me go inside her ***** and he starts licking her **** as im ******* her he is so turned on hes hard again so i tell her to turn around and ride me and i open her *** checks and her husband puts his **** inside her ******* im holding her against my chest kissing her and we both *** iside her as shes cuming all over my **** then we lay there and we ****** her all night long until morning if any of you couples are looking for a man to join you in the bedrooom im your man and i will fly anywhere. to be with you single lady also hit me up im for real thanks
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Sep 7, 2013