The First Time

the first time she enjoyed a dp was in a swingers club in sarrbrucken,germany.i was on the bottom with her over me,and as soon as he entered her *** it squeezed mine out.(he was 7'0 tall and big for his heigth),then we set up again and that time i didn't pop order to keep her from sliding forward i had to put my hands on hers hips and lock my elbows to hold her.after i cam(which didn't take long at all,lol) a black guy almost the same size got under her and they rocked her world.we were on the 3rd floor and people down at the bar on the bottom floor could hear her screaming in passion over the sterio.

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3 Responses Jan 28, 2009

My wife had never done anal until we did our first mfm, and I was on the bottom ******* her *****, when the other guy slowly put his **** in her virgin ***, I thought she was going to stop him, but instead she let me and the other guy proceed with the dp, and she just went sexually wild.

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Very nice. I hope she gets another opportunity soon.